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The Threenager

HowTo's KCCO Kids Parenting Toddler

As your cute little child grows out of their terrible twos along comes a whole new level of insanity, the THREENAGER!
At this stage your child is asserting his/her independence with absolutely everything. The exceeding decibel levels emanating from the sound of the word "No" are typically followed by your child doing things their own way.  You have to admire the determination but holy hell is this new attitude exhausting on pretty much every level.  Here are some signs of the dreaded Threenager:
  • "No" is the beginning and end of their vocabulary
  • Meals; will yell at you for a snack now, won't wait to eat a meal, and then can't be bothered to sit down or just won't eat said meal.
  • Getting dressed & brushing teeth; good luck, hopefully the kid had previously established a toothpaste they like and an outfit that they continue to wear over and over again despite it looking like it just was uncovered from a prehistoric burial site.
  • Grocery store - plan on having a snack of increasing interest every 2-3 aisles or you are cutting that list off 2/3 around the grocery store circle (dairy section).
The good news is that the tyranny of the Threenager will come to term, and the wonders of a agreeable, helpful four year old will take office. Can't help but love the journey for what it is and hold back the tears on proximity of the real teenage years to come.

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