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Baby its COLD Outsiiiiiiiiiide!

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This is pretty insane holiday weather for us in the Northeast, i hope you all are staying warm. Make sure you are throwing in hand warmers in those 180g insulated Cubbies on those little ones. Cubbies not only prevent gloves from falling off causing sleeves and mittens full of snow but also act as a wind/chill barrier from the elements for those arms and wrists.

Son of a Nutcracker I didnt last long out there shoveling the snow at Sugarloaf, much less strapping on the skis. We will be opting for a little snowshoe adventure instead with the shelter of the trees surrounding us keeping the wind chill down.



We are still running our free shipping promo, just use XMAS17 at checkout!!! Happy Holidays and a very Happy New Year, see you in 2018.

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