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Cubbies save the day!

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Cubbies - Mittens Gloves for Toddlers and Kids that never fall off enjoy the snow2015 was a year full of dreams, excitement, humility, designs and re-designs, and many late nights... all of which culminated in one beautiful December day as my children played in a foot of fresh snow (First of the winter). 

With a sick spouse and an unshoveled driveway/walk I decided to get my 3 year old dressed in snow pants and her Cubbies to get outside and Enjoy the Snow.  My 6 year old sported snow pants and his new "gloves" that he wears to school on cold days.

My kids immediately find the tallest snow bank to climb up and slide down and begin building snowmen and forts. They also enjoy "helping" their dad by throwing snowballs at me while I shovel and of course using our little shovel to move snow BACK onto the driveway.

Prior winters there was much of the same, although not as frequent adventures outside for the younger one.  I often found myself trying to KEEP my oldest child outside to give the wife and baby precious quiet time inside to sleep or relax.

Kids losing their mittens in the snow or inevitably getting snow into them inadvertently is a REAL STRUGGLE. The amount of times in years past I have stopped playing to fix their gloves/mittens was insane. Those memories of past winters usually end with bitter cold hands, and a child who very quickly wants to go back inside.

Kid with regular gloves on constantly falling off or getting snow into themOn this recent day, however, I was happy to report that my 3 year old bundle of energy was not-stop!!! She needed ZERO assistance while she happily played for hours in the snow. On the other hand, my 6 year old was constantly having issues with his gloves either falling off or getting snow in them. Needless to say little sister long outlasted older brother that day, as he finally conceded his day to cold hands and opted for hot chocolate indoors.

As I smiled looking on my 3 year old climbing snow banks two hours later I realized that EtS Apparel is onto something. It was the most fun I have seen my daughter ever have in the snow. It is amazing what a little innovation can do to make the outdoors enjoyable for everyone. 

Toddler enjoying the snow in her Cubbies - mittens gloves that never fall off

Now we just need to make Cubbies in larger sizes for six year olds and maybe even adults!

Enjoy the Snow!

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