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Our Story

JT and I, two friends who grew up together in Maine, hadn't always dreamed of starting a clothing company. During the record setting winter of 2014-2015, when New England was buried in snow, my 2-year old son Ethan became hooked on the movie Frozen. Of course, as a result, he wanted nothing more than to go outside in the fresh fallen snow and build a snowman.

I bundled Ethan up and brought him outdoors, but instead of spending the afternoon re-creating Olaf, we found that Ethan could not go more than a few minutes without dropping his mittens or getting snow in them. We eventually built a snowman, but there was much more crying and much less happiness than I was expecting.

JT had the same type of experiences with his young children, and we started talking about how there had to be a better way to enjoy our time in the snow with our kids.We immediately started looking for something that would guarantee our child’s mittens would stay on their hands, but we found absolutely nothing on the market. That’s when we came up with a great idea!Our patent pending product, Cubbies, are water proof, insulated mittens that are attached to a super comfy polar fleece shirt by zippers so they will never fall off.  Simple right? When the fun moves indoors, the mittens are as easy to remove as they are to put on.

Don’t let cold hands get in the way of building lasting memories this winter. We are excited for everyone to get outside and Enjoy the Snow!


- Andrew Lenz, Co-Founder of EtS Apparel