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Take the leap of Faith with us

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EtS Apparel is announcing something big tomorrow with a formal release on Sunday. We hope the you will support us on this journey. Our mission is to help families and friends get outside and create lasting memories. Help us take this first step, first leap into something new and exciting.
And now a little information on this beautiful spot that i am plunging down into the water. I hesitate to even write about this place because it is hands down, without question, my favorite secret spot on this beautiful earth we live on.
Its a little place in Carrabassett Valley Maine called Huston Brook. It is accessible via car but its not easy, the best way in and out is via bike. The main attraction is easily the 20 foot cliff into a deep pool carved out from the adjascent waterfall that makes your ears perk up on the long path to the water. Its protected by a pine tree forrest with a winding path acting as an endless hallway with only escalating sound of water to lead you.
There are two tiers of ordinary cascades here, totaling about 12-feet of descent over a 60-foot section of stream. The water carries a gorgeous olive-green color and it is ice cold, so although you will be tempting to go for a swim, you may not be able to enjoy it for long. In my younger days it was the answer to ANY hangover that may be lingering into the morning. The second you hit that water you immediately doggy paddle for the round rocks that sit on the edge of the pool offering a viewing area for the next to jump.

There is a small rocky beach along the side of the pool. This place is safe for children and I guarantee they will never want to leave. A shallow overflow to the left has the makings of small dams made by visitors and the scene (and the cold water) just takes your breath away.

Its my heaven on earth, take the plunge with us, its almost time.

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